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3 Must Haves In Your Web Design Portfolio

26 SEP 2013
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In order to set yourself apart from the plethora of other eager web designers competing to land the contract for building a company’s business site, there are a few things you must include in your web design portfolio. Above-and-beyond the expected, your potential employers need to be wowed by a uniqueness of style that can be developed in graphic design courses. Needless to say, only your best work should be offered up for scrutiny.

Using the Web to Your Advantage in Design

One of the best attributes about putting together a web design portfolio today is the sheer availability of the internet. Consider these essentials in your actual portfolio:

Designing a minimalist logo, or even a busy, design-laden one, is the kind of thing that graphic design courses specialize in. Depending on your targeted clientele, the logo you choose to represent your portfolio is very much like the storefront of a business selling products – it either encourages a deeper look, or encourages a look elsewhere. If you want to design for kid’s birthday parties and circus acts, then the logo should be representative of a fun-loving, colorful atmosphere. On the other hand, make sure your logo doesn’t clash with the overall website design for corporate, or more serious, clients.

Include the absolute best samples of your work, including any graphic design courses you might have taken for reference. The best samples would be lauded work you’ve already done for previous clients; but, if you’re just starting out, then your most mesmerizing creations will do. Be sure to show your range, without putting too much clutter in the portfolio. A crucial tip to that will help ensure that most of your work will be the in the realm of your favorite style, is to simply put up most of the samples you’ve already done in the preferred medium. The clients who gravitate toward your portfolio because of those works will likely be requesting similar works.

Genuine adulation in the form of testimonials adds a layer of trust to your work. Everyone, from late-night infomercials to the most reputable conglomerates, knows how important consumer testimonials are – which is why they use them. Offer customers a small percentage off in return for their honest appraisals of the work you did for them; you’ll recoup this cost in droves when the orders start pouring in as a result of their praises and your work.

These tips are the most important ones for putting together a portfolio that wows and eventually sells. Make a spectrum of yourself by including work done in multiple styles if you’re more concerned about getting any kind of work, over getting the kind you want. Graphic design courses come in handy to train you in these multiple styles, where you can eventually become comfortable working in any medium. Stuck? When you’re just starting out, the projects in your web design courses should give you something to build on.


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