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3 Fast Careers In Healthcare

19 SEP 2013
Career Path : Healthcare

The three leading, easy to enter medical support careers are Medical Trancriptionist, Pharmacy Technician and Medical Assistant. Each has unique skills and training that make it an invaluable part of the healthcare field.

Medical Transcriptionist: This job entails the employee taking recorded notes of a patient and putting them into text form. This job is for those who are very detail oriented.

  • There are a few requirements and skills one must have in order to be successful at this job. You must have knowledge of medical terminology.
  • The duties of this job are pretty simple. You must accurately transcribe records, keep a transcription log, follow up with doctors and nurses about the transcriptions, perform quality assurance checks, and may have to order supplies and report any equipment damages or changes to the doctors and nurses that you are working with.
  • To work as a medical transcriptionist, you are not required to have a college education. However, it does help. There are vocational schools, community colleges, and online schools that offer classes on how to become certified as a medical transcriptionist.
  • This job is very flexible because you can choose to work in a doctor’s office or other medical office or you can work from home. Those who choose to work in an office work 40 hour weeks and those who work from home will probably work on nights and weekends.

Pharmacy Technician: Employees work with certified pharmacists. They help to prescriptions organized and orderly.

  • This job requires them to talk to patients about their medications and also do some administrative duties such as reviewing prescriptions and working with doctors and insurance companies.
  • This job requires some practical pharmacy technician training or sometimes even internships as well as passing a state exam that is administered by the Pharmacy Board.
  • You must have a GED or high school diploma, and you must be able to administer drugs to patients
  • There are training programs available online and on college campuses.

Medical Assistant: This is an occupation in the health care field in which administrative and clinical tasks are performed. Employees work very close to patients and doctors in this field.

  • Routine tasks such as measuring patients vitals, giving medications and injections, recording information, and collecting specimens are only a few tasks medical assistants must do on a daily basis.
  • They will also handle medical instruments and equipment for the doctors and nurses.
  • You must be professionally certified in order to work this job and you can obtain certification online or on a college campus.
  • Employers of this occupation prefer you to become certified.

These jobs are growing rapidly and are expected to continue to grow. It is important that if you want to meet the requirements necessary for these jobs, you must do some research and figure out if it is the best route for you. From there, deciding on classes like medical transcriptionist training should be easy!

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