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3 Benefits to Studying Abroad

6 NOV 2013
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As the world has grown smaller over the last few decades, the opportunity to travel and see the world has increased, and this is especially true for students. Not only do college students have more opportunities to study abroad, they have more choices when it comes to where they want to go study as well. While there are numerous advantages to deciding to spend a semester studying in a foreign country, the following are three of the biggest benefits of doing so:

  1. Spruce up your application – Once you graduate, having the fact that you studied abroad for a semester or a year on your resume can really help to provide you with a leg up on the competition. Only four percent of undergraduate students have participated in some type of education abroad program, which helps to set you apart. The fact that you left your comfort zone in order to improve yourself is seen as a huge advantage, since this shows that you exhibit both independence and self-confidence – and participating in such a program tends to develop both of those characteristics as well. Many job prospects have yet to develop such real world characteristics as they have spent most of their educational lives inside of their comfort zone.
  1. Learn another language – Knowing another language will provide you with several benefits. First of all, it looks great on a resume. Being bilingual is a huge advantage, especially in the business world. Secondly, learning another language will actually improve your use of English. This is because you’ll be able to better understand English grammar use because you’ll be able to compare them to the rules of another language. This, in turn, will help to improve your ability to communicate, which can only help in job interviews.
  1. Gain a new perspective – Most students grow up within one culture, making perspective somewhat limited. If you study abroad, you’ll learn about new cultures and differing perspectives. It will teach you the ability to appreciate different values and behaviors. For example, studying at an American-style English-speaking university in Italy will allow you to experience new things, from food to different customs, and you’ll make friends and acquaintances that have a different way of thinking than yourself. This new perspective will help teach you to think outside of the box, a valuable skill to learn in whatever career you choose, not to mention a skill you’ll be able to use throughout our life. It will also make it easier for you to be able to work with others, no matter how different their perspective on certain things may be.

These are just three benefits of choosing to study abroad for a semester or longer. Doing so will not only make you a more well rounded human being, but can also help you to advance your chosen career once you graduate.

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