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2015 Digital Marketing Trends

26 NOV 2014
Career Path : Administration

Group Of Multi-Ethnic People Social Networking2015 is going to have the most comprehensive digital marketing platform to date. In fact, it is said that many small companies will make significant gains on their larger competitors because of this one aspect.

The reason smaller companies may outpace their larger competitors is because they are more nimble. They can act quickly instead of reacting later. As TalentCulture CEO, Meghan Biro would say, “it’s not the big who beat the small, but the fast who beat the slow.” Digital marketing has been undergoing substantial changes over the last ten years, and 2015 will be no exception. The emphasis continues to rest on data-analysis, personalization, and mobile responsiveness as organizations seek out more genuine (and therefore rewarding) relationships with consumers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing will dominate the 2015 digital marketing landscape. The go-to strategy for building personalized connections with target audiences, inbound is based on the concept that people love to buy, but they hate being sold. By developing nuanced understandings of their client base, companies are able to provide content that is actually relevant and useful – which in turn attracts new customers and makes them loyal followers.

Rather than loudly pitching a brand to prospects, inbound marketing relies on providing relevant how-to’s, advice, guidance and special deals. Customers appreciate this highly useful content and are indirectly “sold” on the products or services.

Increased Analytic Data

Using tools like Google Analytics, companies are increasingly focused on collecting and leveraging consumer data.  Under pressure to produce tangible ROI, digital marketers need ways to set and measure goals – and better understand the motivations, concerns and habits of their target audiences. Analytics provides detailed accounts of which content users are most engaged by, how often a landing page is visited, how many recipients opened a particular email, etc. Properly understood and leveraged, these insights will help companies target and customize their digital marketing efforts in 2015, like never before.

Mobile Responsiveness

Anyone who has pursued an online business degree or earned their MBA online understands the importance of responsive content. It should come as no surprise that mobile content marketing will reign supreme in 2015. Internet users are increasingly mobile-oriented, so companies and organizations must follow suit, ensuring that their promotional efforts are responsive. Patience for content that does not fit well onto smartphone or tablet screens is diminishing at a rapid rate – if a page does not respond immediately on a mobile device, users will simply move on to other options. And more than simply fitting on-screen or responding well, digital marketers must continue to capitalize on the mobility of their target audiences. Pop-up deals, geo-targeted ads and last-minute offers that can be redeemed on the go will continue to rise in popularity this coming year.

Ultimately, the three trends of inbound, data analysis, and mobile responsiveness are inexorably interconnected. Throughout 2015, digital marketers will seek to deepen their understanding of these tactics in order to reach out to – and convert – new audiences in more authentic ways.