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2014 Consumer Electronics Show: What’s New?

17 JAN 2014
Career Path : Automotive

With a new year comes a slew of new innovations, ideas, inventions and ingenuity. Opening the floodgates is the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show which presents a ton of tricked out technologies that are sure to excite. This great blog post by Automotive Training Centre explores just what this means for the automotive industry this year.

“We’ve barely landed in 2014 and already there are amazing innovations and incredible inventions to look forward to with this year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show. The CES plays host to a plethora of companies, all showcasing their ingenuity and how far they can stretch the boundaries of technology. While the event showcases a wide array of companies, the strides being made in the automotive industry are some of the more intriguing and beguiling advancements we’re seeing; everything from automated parking technologies to highly advanced in-car audio systems seems to be making a splash. Even if you’re no auto mechanic yet, you’ll want to see all of these jaw-dropping innovations.”

Driver assisting technologies seem like they’ll be getting even bigger and more important in 2014, with everything from self-parking gaining a more widespread interest, to Google taking the reins on introducing some of the world’s first truly “smart” cars. The automotive world is moving faster than ever, and it’s exciting and intense trying to keep up. So here’s to innovation and imagination in 2014!