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5 Tips To Get A New Job In a Year

19 SEP 2013
Career Path : Accounting

While your job is your source of income, it should also be a source of fulfilment and pride. If you are not experiencing all three, it may be time for a career change. Both the healthcare and accounting industries are growing with opportunity and offering challenging, rewarding, and lucrative careers. Although a job within either field may seem to be lifetimes away, taking healthcare courses or accounting courses can effectively initiate your career transformation. The following tips address the lucrative nature of taking courses in both fields as well as proactive tips that will lead to you having a new job in a year.

1) Earn a Healthcare Certification
If you have an innate passion for caring for others, a healthcare certification may be the optimum career path for you to take. As one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand careers in the nation, enrolling in healthcare courses will place you on the path toward a secure career in the healthcare industry. With a long list of healthcare programs, you can choose where you feel you would be most suitable for career growth. In addition, you can use those courses later on to advance your educational career toward advanced degrees.

2) Earn an Accounting Certification
As long as the world of business revolves, there will always be a need for accounting professionals. Enrolling in accounting courses will offer you an advanced perspective on the practices and procedures that are used in real-job situations. Your accounting courses will offer you an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). With a clear professional advantage, the knowledge gained from your accounting courses will propel you toward a career with the accounting or payroll department of a business.

3) Professional Resume
Your resume offers employers a quick overview of your skills and qualifications. You can create your own resume, but hiring a professional resume writer will almost guarantee that you are putting your best foot forward. Professional resume writers are skilled at communicating the information learned in your accounting courses or your healthcare courses to make your resume standout among the others.

4) Social Media
Once you earn one of the certifications, you must use every tool that is available to market your newly acquired skills. LinkedIn is a networking tool that was created specifically for expanding your professional contacts. Creating a LinkedIn profile that is up to date and succinct will attract recruiters to your profile. In addition, you can also browse through businesses that are hiring in your industry.

5) Job Fairs
Even with the great migration to online applications and LinkedIn, job fairs are still one of the quickest ways to get noticed by employers. Job fairs feature several industry-specific or general employers who are looking to hire qualified individuals. When you visit the job fair, remember to dress for the job you want, take more than enough resumes, and be ready to potentially interview.


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