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10 Ways to Ease Yourself Into A Job As a Medical Office Assistant

5 MAR 2012
Career Path : Healthcare

You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without have a job. So how can you increase your chances of landing a job straight out of receptionist training?

1. Temp work

While you are still in receptionist training, register with a temp agency, indicating that you would like to work as a medical office assistant.

2. Floater work

In areas where there is a high concentration of medical offices, for instance, in the neighbourhood surrounding a hospital, medical clinics sometimes team up to create their own shared temp “floater” system. Aspiring medical receptionists still in receptionist training can work as a floater to get their foot in the door.

3. Volunteer work

Nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities often depend on volunteers. Why not lend a helping hand in a way that develops your own skills as a medical office assistant?

4. Co-op for course credit

Look for a school that offers on-the-job receptionist training. That way, you can graduate with training and experience.

5. Co-op for course credit and pay

If you are having trouble cash flowing your way through school, you may want to find a program that offers on-the-job receptionist training for pay, or, at least, a stipend.

6. Find other receptionist work

Job experience as a receptionist, whether at a hotel or a spa, will complement your receptionist training and make you more attractive as a medical office assistant to future employers.

7. Work in medical collections

Phoning people to follow up on unpaid ambulance and other uncovered healthcare bills will give you that real-life experience in billing so sought after by students of receptionist training.

8. Master your medical terminology

Many aspiring medical receptionists let themselves be intimidated by the terminology. But doing everything you can now to learn the necessary terminology will only make you more attractive to future employers. Take extra medical terminology classes during your receptionist training.

9. Work your network

Perhaps you are already in a service industry job where you serve members of the public. Are any of your customers in the medical profession? If so, remind them that you are looking for work as a medical office assistant.

10. Brush up on your second language

A key aspect of life as a medical office assistant is communicating with patients. It is an advantage to a medical professional to hire medical receptionists who speak more than one language.

Landing your first job as medical office assistant might not be easy. But with a little effort on your part, you can improve your chances of being hired more quickly.